AU 79 is the Dry Gin created by Baldo Baldinini, the result of a meticulous raw materials’ craftmanship, strictly selected by DiBALDO through the most precious herbs and essences for perfumery. Its aromatic chords walk amongst the Silk Road, from the Mediterranean coast towards the deep East, building an aromatic landscape never seen before. Thanks to its aromatic profile, it raises mixology to a new level and express all its glow in a gastronomic pairing, both in the preparation of the dish than in a tasting pairing.

The raw materials used for AU 79 are carefully crafted to preserve their deep identity, one of which is the golden color of the gin: that’s why we suggest to preserve the Essenza in a place hidden from the sun, to preserve AU 79’s chromatic intensity and shine.

Top notes: Mediterranean winds.

Heart notes: oriental silk and Saffron pistils.

Base notes: very fine, they express a long intertwining between fresh and delicately spiced notes.