Dedication, curiosity and a pinch of madness are the elements making possible the extraction of the deepest soul of countless flowers, fruits, barks and roots. A path of knowledge finding its habitat in the silence of a special laboratory, the Olfattorio, where Baldo moves in total freedom, accompanied by the quiet Rimini’s hills and Tenuta Saiano’s atmosphere, hosting the Alchemist’s research.

Baldo’s research and discoveries are kept here, between shelves reminding the ones used by an Alchemist from the past, full of studies and experiments. Thousands of tinctures, extracts, essential oils, alcoholates, hydrolates, officinal botanicals, spices living in hundreds of bottles and vessels of different dimension, suspended 3 meters high from the ground, cased in a theca made of glass and wood, protected from every kind of weather.

The Olfattorio is a mystic and creative place, where Baldo finds his inspirations, experimenting new and sophisticated aromatic combinations, developing a working mantra on living experiences, where memories and fantasies run on the same path, joining their forces.

The Olfattorio is an elective place where ideas take form and become recipes, proportions and working methods. A place where different essences, perfumes of fragrances are able to tell their own stories.

If you’re looking for Baldo, now you know where to find him.