FOURGHETTI – Bruno Barbieri, Bologna

Fourghetti is the the place where time is yours, with good food, good wine, discourse and laughter, friends, and meetings where you can share moments of pleasure in a setting full of fragrances, tastes, colors, reflections and scents.
Besides Bruno Barbieri and his chef’s experience, the time is enriched with the by an elegant lounge bar, where barlady Francesca Lolli suggests the best cocktail, either accompaning a course or sipped at the counter.
From Fourghetti’s project and its vision, in collaboration with DiBALDO, a unique vemouth is born, expressing the passion and research of the famous bolognese chef.

Brand: Fourghetti – Bruno Barbieri

Location: Via Augusto Murri, 71, Bologna

Tipo di attività: Studio delle formule.


Fourghetti Vermouth

Fourghetti Vermouth represents the goal to match, in a single sip, soft berries’ notes and scents of warm mediterranean essences.

The main structure is a fine Sangiovese Superiore and Cabernet Sauvignon blend, which power is kept under control by the peculiar bittering Artemisias and the western spices, creating an incredibly original, complex, smooth and intense bouquet.

The aromatic chords signed Baldo Baldinini express infinite perfumes and lasting persistence in cocktails accompanied by timeless course, designed by chef Bruno Barbieri.