Essenze e liquori Tenuta Saiano

Tenuta Saiano, Montebello di Poggio Torriana (RN)

Tenuta Saiano is an oasis of peace surrounded by Romagna’s hillside, through vines, plantations and breeding farms completely autochthonous. Romagna is Tenuta’s main engine, thanks to a farm looking to spread and protect old traditions.
This is the main idea at the beginning of every production labeled Tenuta Saiano. From Nocino, through Zrisa until Yersinia, historical research dives through Romagna’s roots, giving life to Essenze with a strong historical and recognizable soul.

Between DiBALDO and the Tenuta exists a profound bonding, considering that the Tenuta hosts the Olfattorio where Baldo Baldinini classifies and organizes the research of his activity.

Brand: Tenuta Saiano

Location: Tenuta Saiano – via Casone 35 – 47825 Montebello di Poggio Torriana (RN)

Activity: Study of the formulas and production.


Le Essenze per Tenuta Saiano


nocino tenuta saianoA historical Romagna’s liquor quintessence.


Liquore Prunis Tenuta Saiano

With the important presence of the Romagna Appennines’ sloes.


liquore zrisa tenuta saianoWith the sweet maraschines cherries, for an enchanting taste


liquore spinoso tenuta saianoThe original celebration of the Moretto artichoke from Brisighella.


Sumptuous interpretation of Romagna’s anise, in a powerful and gratifying liquor.


With its characteristic amber colour, pleasing and majestic botanicals’ bouquet.

The Aperitifs, based on Tenuta Saiano’s wine


Tenuta Saiano Arrangiato

A flavoured wine with warm, spicy notes and fine citrus fruits peels.

Aperitivo Saiano

Lively and perfect for aperitifs and unexpected cocktails.


White dry vermouth on Rebola wine, expressing itself with intriguing complexity.