A Dry Gin walking the balsamic scents of the Mediterranean, as a result of an accurate and wise blend composed of botanicals and essences of the highest quality. As per DiBALDO’s philosophy, Ag 107,86 is a perfume to wear on the palate, as a dry gin full of scents and aromatic shades.


Cold, smooth or mixed, to create a balanced Gin&Tonic we suggest the pairing of 1 1/2 oz of gin with neutral tonic waters and a lot of ice, to express at its best the aromatic component of Ag 107,86.

As a perfumer, Ag 107,86 opens up in top, heart and base notes:

Top notes: balsamic scents of wild juniper.

Heart notes: flowers of the Mediterranean bush.

Base notes: spicy chords and citrus peel.