santa barbara ancona

Santa Barbara, Barbara (AN)

The Marche’s land, under Antonucci’s steady innovative lens. A dazzling match through the patron Stefano Antonucci and Baldo, triggering from the very first step the born of incredible Essenze, matching Antonucci’s colours and DiBALDO’s inspiration.

Brand: Santa Barbara

Location: Santa Barbara – Borgo Mazzini 35 – 60010 Barbara (AN)

Activity: study of the formulas and production.


Vermut Rosso Stefano Antonucci

santa barbara vermut rosso antonucci

Mission: magnify the Santa Barbara’s wine Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, Montepulciano and Sangiovese, in a vermouth form. With the masterly adding of precious botanicals and floreal notes, creating new aromatic chords, with a strong mediterranean soul, the Stefano Antonucci Vermouth has born.

Bitter Le Vaglie

Bitter Le Vaglie santa barbara dibaldoMission: a bitter aperitif on the Santa Barbara’s Castelli di Jesi “Le Vaglie” Verdicchio, flagship wine for the company, respecting its soul and fundamental matrices. A centered balance between sweet and bittering, citrus and spicy notes, without any additive or dye.

Merging the Verdicchio’s character and the strong spirit of the founder Stefano Antonucci, took us to the realization of one of the best DiBALDO’s Essenze.