An Essenza is, first of all, a story. A story that has to be told in just a few drops.

A story of a brand, a characteristic cocktail or the missing detail in a special recipe or a course.

Baldo’s studies cover the whole scents landscape, making possible the production of every kind of beverage, from alcoholic to soft drinks.

The passion for challenge and experimentation is the main engine of DiBALDO’s production, and there is no harder challenge than expressing in a beverage form things you can’t touch. Ideas, passions, a purpose. The voice of a brand, its story or a new project. From farms, to bakery and pastry shops, to cocktail bar, beverage company or business brands: everyone can rely on DiBALDO and its Olfattorio to create something magic for your company. The concept of taste architect is enclosed here: designing with taste the image of a brand.

DiBALDO and its team are able to take care of every production aspect: from study and designing to bottling. Our staff can help you study the perfect recipe for you and achieve the best result ever. We can even develop ways to produce a private label abroad Italy, in your favourite place.

Every private label is signed Baldo Baldinini, which is always the mastermind of every Essenza.

Every recipe is made without chemical additive, dye or preservative, reaching DiBALDO’s qualitative standards. Watch our actual production for third parties and follow us to discover more about our private labels.