First of all, stories.

Baldo Baldinini’s story, expressing his own nature in the form of olfactory art.

The story of the land where wine and botanics come from.

The story of every single research stored in the Olfattorio.

Respect and knowledge of every single way possible to reach an Essenza, giving life to stylistic perfection.

That’s why DiBALDO is not just bitter or vermouth but colours on the canvas, notes in perpetual digression, a firm and winding rythm. The sensorial synesthesia accompanying every taste of the Essenze, on the rocks or mixed, is the key to every composition, discovering uncharted lands.

The wine is like a white canvas: founding element, changing year after year, from one harvest to another. Baldo respects every characteristics of every single harvest, turning the most intimate traits in a distinctive value, making vintage edition of every creation.

The shy, far from the spotlight character of Baldo, shows his Essenza here, in a stage made of scents. The original and unique outcome reminds the taster to deep, intense, disorientating aromas, with a strong personality, letting the soul of a true artisan shine through, cultured and true like his own set.

Close your eyes and let yourself go, to a tasting experience extremely studied, where Baldo challenges you through your sensorial ground, your memories, your experiences.