Scents, aromas and spiciness recalling common, daily experiences, enriched with harmony and grace. Getting confident with the different elements means starting a relationship with them, revealing a pure as fragile soul, which has to be deeply respected and protected.

This respect is the beginning of every creation. An Essenza’s realization is a slow growing process, a travel inside the wines and the botanicals part of it. The wine, the first step of every DiBALDO creation, is the white canvas where everything originates. This is the reason why selecting a wine is an extremely accurate and passionate process, aiming to the perfect fusion between its aroma and the fragrances.

The selection of a base wine is ironclad and it’s based on natural criteria and unique characteristics. Then follows up their ability to inspire creativity for the Essenza. Each selected wine is free from chemical additives, preservatives or added yeasts.

The purity of the working process is fundamental for Baldo, who doesn’t use chemical additives or colorants, neither added yeasts.

On the last step, to make a great Essenza, time is a crucial element in the process. Nothing is codifiable. The experience developed in years of research trying to combine different wines and botanicals is crucial. A working process stuck in time, which is at the same time partner and friend to create a true Essenza.

This is the starting point for DiBALDO: our philosophy, the mantra at the base of every production.